#2 My 3/4 Pound Cake Adventure

My parents invited us for dinner last Saturday night. We all had a taste for my mom's signature burgers- Karla Burgers. Sorry for all those hoping to get their hands on her highly coveted recipes. That recipe shall never be typed…I had to wait 27 long years and get married before I was able to have that recipe along with a few others. She's STILL holding out on me with a few.

Earlier in the day I stopped by their house and was looking through this magazine she received in the mail. She has no idea where it came from, "they just started sending it!" Being invited for dinner isn't an odd thing nor a rareity, so as I'm looking through these magazines I decided I would make an appetizer and dessert. I found this recipe from Ted Allen a year or two ago and bust it out every so often. I mean who doesn't love some ricotta cheese, arugula and prosciutto on toasted bread? I'm glad I picked a simple appetizer.

I have enjoyed baking for a long time. I secretly wanted to bake as a child to lick the bowl after my mom would make brownies. I don't do this anymore. It TOTALLY freaks me out. I mean you've heard of salmonella right?!?! But nevertheless, it began a love of baking!
On a total side note that mixing bowl pictured above is my all time favorite bowl. I was very excited when my mom gave it to me. I use it so much.

Back to my dessert! I decided that I wanted to try something completely new. This is my year of adventure and I can make cream puffs in my sleep, or cupcakes or brownies, but those are kind of boring. So after searching through multiple magazines I stumbled upon a cream cheese pound cake recipe. Apparently if there isn't a pound of butter it's not really a pound cake. This recipe had 3/4 # so it's my 3/4 pound cake. I purchased all of the needed ingredients and decided on a lemon pudding to top it. I didn't start the cake until a bit before 4 and learned my lesson- it too 100 minutes to bake. I guess I really should have read the entire recipe before I decided to make it.

The pound cake was SO much better then next day. My mom told me I found my signature dessert, my husband called me the queen of pound cake. Hey! I'll take it. So invite me over and I'll bring my pound cake with me! I just need to some advanced warning!

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