Grandkid Brigade

Just a word of warning, lots of pictures in this blog. Today was the day of the grandkid brigade. There was a mix up between my grandma and my cousin Megan on when they were going on their annual trip to Fox Hills Resort with my grandma's siblings. Megan hasn't been home since Christmas, she was looking forward to seeing grandma and grandpa and thus began the plans of the grandkid brigade, that's what I've decided to call today. Jeremiah was our trusty driver. We picked up my grandparents from their apartment and headed to Oak Creek to pick up Megan and Erin.

Our trip up was uneventful. It also happens to be my grandparents' 67th Wedding Anniversary. We were all happy to be able to spend part of their day with them. Megan and Erin were inquiring about their wedding day. According to my grandma, "The weather was much like today. Although not as hot." It is in the mid-70s today. My grandma said the dresses back then weren't that pretty, compared to today's wedding dresses. Erin who is planning her own wedding wondered about their hair. No, they didn't go to a salon to get their hair done. The girls got ready at my grandma's parents house.

We stopped for lunch at Kurtz in Two Rivers. My grandma recommended it as they usually go every year. The food was good, and the beer would have been delicious, if we would have ordered any. Of course there was ice cream to finish the meal, just like when grandma and grandpa would have us over for dinner.

We finally arrived at the Fox Hills Resort that we've heard about so much. The mysterious place they have been going to for 35 years on vacation each September.

We said our goodbyes hoping they all have a great vacation!!

The brigade came back to Oak Creek and did our thing. A group shopping venture to Meijer for dinner rations.

The bearded bros had some usual shenanigans while grilling dinner. No shock there!

Not having seen my Egan (that's what I call her!) since December, it's been so much fun. We've done some awesome cackling until we cried and caught up on life in general. We've been needing some Egan-Mily (that's what she calls me) Time in our lives lately. Just like that, we are back to our childhood days, minus a few years of aging and now we get to drink margaritas while we enjoy our time together.

And like every meal at grandma and grandpa's, this one ended in chocolate malts.

"A family together, never apart. Maybe in distance but ever at heart."

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