525,600 minutes (of marriage)

No one can predict the future but I knew that the life with Jeremiah would be bright. It’s safe to say that this past year, our first year of marriage, was nothing short of spectacular. We bought our first home together, sold Jeremiah’s condo, survived the stress of BOTH of us graduating with our Masters degrees, survived a cross country road trip together and many other things.

We began our weekend of celebrating Friday evening with tickets to see the 20th Anniversary tour of RENT. Paper is after all the first anniversary gift- but the wave of technology took some of the fun- I “put” them in my Apple Wallet. RENT is special for me and I’ve seen it twice now. It was my first time seeing a show on Broadway, had second row seats with my cousin, Grace, and I just fell in love with it. I knew Jeremiah would like it too, so off we went. Fifth row seats was the best I could do, and yes, you can still see spit from the actors mouths that close up! I laughed, cried and got all the feels. Jeremiah enjoyed the mooing the most!!!

Saturday evening we enjoyed dinner at Ashlings on the Lough. Exactly one year before we had our rehearsal dinner there. As many know, it’s the restaurant where our story really began three years ago. We celebrate all our special moments there. It just kind of feels like our home.

We arrived home to have some anniversary cake. There was no freezer burned cake waiting for us, Jeremiah ordered us a fresh “wedding” cake from Gooseberries in Burlington where our wedding cake came from. Our cake was so good it didn’t make it to November last year!

Today is our anniversary. It began with an early wake up call! It’s Chicago Marathon day! Some may know that prior to picking our wedding date my sister, Elisabeth, told me I could pick any date besides October 8, as she was planning to run the Chicago Marathon the next day. Well luck would have it that it was the only available Saturday in October. So it was fitting that we were there to cheer her on today to make up for her missing it last year.

Elisabeth ran a PR in the warm weather and I couldn’t be happier for her. I was there for her first half marathon and was happy to be there today for her. She said to Jeremiah that she was glad he was there in person this time, instead of a man on my phone texting me the entire day three years ago.

Looking forward to the next 525,600 minutes of life, love and marriage with my hunky!

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