2017, what a year!

To say 2017 was an exciting year would be a major understatement.

We started off the year purchasing our first home together

My husband graduated with his Master’s degree.

We sold my husband’s first home.

My husband decided to go back to school to earn his teaching certification.

We took our first cross country (well 1/2 country) road trip and Canada together.

We had the excitement of my younger sister’s engagement. I had my graduation from college with my master’s degree Then I had two more months before I was officially finished!

We had two foot surgeries and recoveries, one currently.

We celebrated our first year of marriage running around Chicago cheering on our sister Elisabeth in the marathon. The day of her first marathon was when my husband first gave me his phone number, so we enjoyed his company this time in person.

We hosted our first holiday, my favorite, THANKSGIVING.

We had many laughs, we’ve had to tough it out and work hard to get the end results, we’ve had disappointment and pain, we’ve had much happiness and celebration.

I am ready to turn the page and discover what the year has in store. A fresh start, despite writing 2017 til about March (it happens every year!).

Here’s to 2018, let’s laugh louder, love deeper, speak kinder, walk slower, and live happier.

2018, you’re getting my best self! How about you?

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