This post is long overdue, but better late than never. I tend to write my posts on a train or as a passenger on a longer car ride. I’m currently heading back from Chicago, more on that in another post.

My sister Erin joined a kickboxing gym in the Spring of 2017 and she really loved it! In November they had a referral contest and a cash prize award for the winner. After months of begging me to give it a try I finally did.

I really enjoyed how it was a very different type of workout and needed something to keep me active during the winter months. Despite have to drive 40 minutes one way I took the plunge and joined. I figured I would get to see Erin at class and meet some new people too.

My goal was three times a week and for many months I did just that. Bad weather only kept me away a few times, much to my surprise.

I found muscles I didn’t know I still had and enjoyed hitting and kicking that bag every single time!

We had some friends join us to give kickboxing a try! And managed to make it to class after many nights of wine and Jingle Juice!!

As spring approached and travels for business and pleasure kept me away for almost a month it became harder to keep up my three days a week. My commute to and from class became longer and longer each time due to the ridiculous amount of construction on the interstate and my 1 hour class started turning in to an all evening production.

I totally went into this while thing expecting to hate it, get sick of it by month two and be stuck paying this huge monthly bill for my membership, But that wasn’t the case! I mostly had those thoughts because I hated group fitness classes. The thought of everyone “staring” at me was freighting. I quickly got over that fear and realized no one cared what I looked like!

So while my time at kickboxing is coming to an end (my membership runs out soon) I really enjoyed my experience! That 60 minute class kept my booty moving, I met some awesome people and I got to try something new. How else would I have learned to do a wall sit, planks, kicks and punches?!

Should a studio ever open up MUCH closer to home, I’ll be there ready to get back on that mat! 🥊

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