One Tiny Angel Making Change

I don’t ever expect anyone to understand what I have gone through but want to make certain these never happen again.

Trying to make change happen in this way is exhausting. Mentally and emotionally draining. Every person wants to know what happens and you tell them. You relive the trauma. You’re thrown into it again and have to unbury yourself from feeling trapped. Some days I go to bed early because I am just exhausted from it all.

Change is happening at our hospital and it’s because of our baby and what we went through and having the courage to speak up. Some of the comments from the various hospital staff have spoken to me have been:

“We have to take these traumatic events and turn them in to teachable moments, so they never happen again.”

“Thank you for advocating for yourself.”

“Your baby is making sure no one ever goes through this experience again.”

We recently dropped off a momento of our baby to be included in a memorial service to occur next week with other babies gone too soon. I cried when I was offered this opportunity. While my child won’t physically be with those other babies it was the first time I felt seen and heard. The fact that the hospital does this for their families shows their compassion to all.

If we keep talking about miscarriage and loss then we can continue to lessen the stigma surrounding it. Every conversation surrounding miscarriage gets us that much closer.

We will continue forward to try and make the world a better place. On to our next attempt at making a change for those who suffer and mourn the loss of their babies.

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